Adapt is driven by people that are convinced that we need smarter solutions to the peace and development challenges of our time. We draw upon on a leading international network of peace and development thinkers and practitioners, but ground ourselves in the belief that genuine experts and opportunities for sustainable positive change come from the affected communities themselves.

In 2018 we changed our name from Adapt Research and Consulting to Adapt Peacebuilding to reflect our specific emphasis and growing work in peacebuilding.

Stephen Gray

Stephen’s work focuses on international conflict resolution and is grounded in respect for social and economic justice, non-violence, transparent and accountable governance, and the value of learning. His professional career began in policy roles for the New Zealand government and has lead to work for private, academic and multilateral institutions on four continents. He works with others that seek sustainable, less violent solutions to the conflicts that confront us. In practice, this often involves representing organisations, managing research, providing analysis and advise, and conduct training for stakeholders focused on peace and development in conflict-affected environments. His research focuses on systems approaches to conflict analysis, transformation and peacebuilding. Stephen holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University, where he occasionally lectures. He is a Fulbright and Freyburg Scholar, certified mediator, very amateur rugby player, committed dad, and keen surfer.


Josefine Roos

Josefine Roos has been working on peace and conflict issues in Myanmar since 2012. Before founding Adapt Research & Consulting she worked as a conflict advisor to the Myanmar Peace Support Initiative, as well as a consultant to a range of clients including Save the Children, Danish Refugee Council and Plan International. Her work has been focused on conflict affected communities across Myanmar (in Kachin, Rakhine and Kayah state) where she has provided training and facilitated analysis. Before moving to Myanmar Josefine worked on peace and conflict issues as well as the nexus between corporate sector engagement and conflict in South Sudan, Guinea, Liberia and Colombia. Josefine has a Masters of International Affairs from SIPA, Columbia University, and is a certified mediator from the New York Peace Institute.


Clients and Partners

Adapt has provided research and advisory services to a range of international and clients, including UNDP, UNICEF, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, Plan International, the Danish Refugee Council and various local organisations in Kachin and Kayah states. Our implementation partners include the Institute of Development Studies and Columbia University’s International Centre for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution and Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4).