Desirée Nilsson is an Associate Professor at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University in Sweden. Barbara Magalhães Teixeira is a research assistant at Uppsala University and has been working with Desirée on the inclusion of civil society actors in peace processes since 2018.

Desirée's research focuses on conflict resolution and durable peace in civil wars, with a particular emphasis on multiparty dynamics. She holds a Ph.D. in Peace and Conflict research from Uppsala University, and has been an Associate Professor there since 2011.

Barbara Magalhães Teixeira, Research Assistant at Uppsala University

Marthe Hiev sets the tone for the interview by asking questions about Desirée's groundbreaking quantitative study 'Anchoring the Peace: Civil Society Actors in Peace Accords and Durable Peace', wherein she found that the inclusion of CSO's has a positive effect on the durability of peace. Desirée's research provides a solid perspective on the difficult context wherein peace processes take place, and also provides possible explanations for the positive effect that civil society inclusion has on peace agreements in a post-conflict context.

In this interview, Desirée, Barbara and Marthe Hiev touch upon the following topics:

  • The idea of inclusion in peace building

  • Why inclusion is important

  • How inclusion influences the durability of peace

  • Cases of civil society inclusion in peace processes

  • How the Colombian peace process integrates an inclusive approach

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Interview by: Marthe Hiev Hamidi

MA student in Peace and Conflict Research (Uppsala University) experienced in policy analysis, International Relations and democratic inclusion. Before joining Adapt, she contributed to an international arms trade campaign with Amnesty International in Tel Aviv, Israel. Drawing from an original interest in political conflict, Marthe Hiev has recently directed her focus to include community-led peace building in post-conflict contexts, which has largely been shaped by her experience with the Colombian peace process.